The South Korean medical company Across is engaged in the development of products for plastic surgery and aesthetic cosmetology based on hyaluronic acid.

About the manufacturer

Across is a South Korean medical device manufacturing company that has been on the market since 2009. When developing hyaluronic acid-based solutions, they expertise in research and innovation, manufacturing, and high-quality control. In addition to dermal fillers, Across produces science-based
cosmetics, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals and healthy food products. They work in accordance with the fundamental value of life respect.


Manufacturer brands

Across produces several types of dermal fillers under different brands:

Revolax (Fine, Deep, Sub-Q with and without lidocaine) is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers specifically created to have a unique consistency in order to produce particular effects on different face areas.

Dermalax (Deep, Plus, Implant, etc.) is a line of injectable products that are designed to correct wrinkles and lines of different depths.

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Manufacturer’s strengths

The concern is focused on constant development and improvement, which allows it to maintain a leading position on the cosmetology and plastic surgery markets. Across developers have designed HA-based products with spherical molecules that fill hollow subcutaneous spaces and have a lifting effect by forming a kind of lattice frame inside the dermis using the most advanced high technology. The consistency of the Across Revolax fillers encourages a stronger support system inside the skin structure and enables for easy injection and natural volume. Until it is gradually absorbed into the skin, the product is made to look natural.