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What is Hymovis?

Hymovis is an intra-articular implant manufactured by Fidia Pharma, a pharmaceutical company specializing in joint healthcare, aesthetic dermatology, and advanced wound care. When simple medications, exercise, and physical therapy have failed to provide adequate pain relief, Hymovis is the next non-surgical option of choice. The product is a thick, gel-like substance that works as a lubricant and shock absorber in the knee joint, and it was just approved by the FDA. Hymovis injections can bring relief from arthritic knee discomfort for up to six months.

Hymovis has a unique molecular structure that distinguishes it from all other intra-articular hyaluronic acid-based treatments:

  • A hydrogel with improved viscosity, elasticity, and joint residence time;
  • Enhanced joint lubrication and decreased friction;
  • Resists repetitive mechanical stress;
  • Molecular alteration enhances viscoelasticity, resulting in hyaluronic acid that is similar to the natural fluid in the knee joint.

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Hymovis is a hyaluronic acid-based medication of the latest generation that, owing to its innovative MO.RE Technology, ensures a quick response to joint discomfort, as well as a long-term effect and a high safety profile. Hymovis injections are used:

to relieve the pain, stiffness, and edema that come with joint inflammation caused by osteoarthritis of the knee;
to aid in the prevention of osteoarthritis progression, decreasing further joint damage and maintaining mobility;
when other first-line drugs, such as pain relievers or NSAIDs, and physical therapy have failed to offer adequate symptom relief.

Are Hymovis products safe?

Yes, Hymovis is a perfectly safe viscosupplement because it is manufactured in controlled laboratory conditions with the application of innovative production technologies. The active ingredient, hyaluronan, is generated from a carefully regulated bacterial fermentation process and then extensively purified. Hymovis is an extremely safe and effective intra-articular implant because it contains no pyrogens, chemical reticulating agents, or animal proteins.

Despite the product being safe to use in most patients, some people should avoid Hymovis treatment. Patients who have a known hypersensitivity or allergy to hyaluronate preparations or gram-positive bacterial proteins should not be treated with Hymovis. Other contraindications to using Hymovis include infections or skin conditions in the injection area.

Hymovis has not been studied in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children to determine its safety and effectiveness. The safety and efficacy of Hymovis in joints other than the knee, or in conjunction with other intra-articular injections, has not been proven.

How does it work?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common and widespread disease that causes stiffness and discomfort in the joints. This condition affects millions of people, so you are not alone if you have been diagnosed with it.

You may have OA if you experience one or more of the following symptoms in your knee:

  • Aches and pains, particularly when moving;
  • Stiffness, especially in the mornings and when getting out of bed;
  • Sensations of “grating” or “catching”;
  • Limited motion;
  • Swelling.

The smooth cartilage that covers and protects the ends of your bones breaks down as a result of OA. In severe cases, the cartilage thins down to the point where your bones rub against one another. The natural fluid in your knee loses its capacity to lubricate, and the cartilage no longer cushions the joint as well as it previously did. Stiffness, edema, and pain develop, making walking difficult.

Hymovis is composed of 8mg/ml of bio fermented viscoelastic hyaluronan. This hyaluronan is processed without the use of any chemical reticulating agents after extraction and purification. The resulting hyaluronic acid derivative, HYADD4, provides increased lubricating and shock-absorbing qualities. Hymvois restores lost synovial fluid when injected intraarticularly into damaged knee joints, allowing patients to continue their normal activities with less pain and discomfort.

How to use it?

Only skilled and experienced medical practitioners can carry out the whole operation described below in strict aseptic conditions.

A pre-procedural consultation is required because it allows the doctor to assess the patient’s health and the severity of their OA. This consultation session is also used to inform the patient about potential side effects and the best ways to recover as quickly as possible. Hymovis injections are only given to patients who have no contraindications to receiving them.

Begin the procedure by washing and disinfecting the injection area. Any joint effusion must be removed with an 18- to 20-gauge needle; otherwise, unfavorable side effects will occur. Next, secure an 18- to 20-gauge sterile needle to the head of the prefilled syringe to prepare the medical device. Fill the intra-articular space with the entire 3ml of hyaluronan gel without overfilling the joint. Use a different syringe for each knee joint if a patient requires therapy in both joints. Give the next injection to the affected joint(s) a week later.

Discard all syringes and needles into biological waste containers once the hyaluronan gel has been injected.

What is it made of?

Hymovis is a hyaluronan intra-articular implant that is injected directly into the joints to relieve OA discomfort. Each 5ml syringe is pre-filled with sterile gel containing 8mg/ml of ultra-pure, high molecular weight hyaluronan, dissolved in physiological saline and processed to form the HYADD4 hydrogel. The hydrogel is the result of a patented manufacturing process that does not include cross-linking. When injected, the product lubricates and cushions the joint, replacing the natural synovial fluid.

Side effects

A Hymovis treatment may cause some side effects. Patients may experience symptoms such as knee discomfort, inflammation, reddening, and edema at the injection site. A tingling or itching sensation or joint stiffness may also occur. Some patients with inflammatory joint disorders may notice temporary increases in inflammation (redness and swelling) after injections.

To minimize the risk of adverse effects, the patients should avoid high-impact physical activities like jogging and tennis, as well as prolonged weight bearing activities like standing, for at least 48 hours after receiving a Hymovis treatment.

If any of the symptoms persist or worsen, contact your doctor right away. For a complete list of potential adverse effects, see Patient Information.

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