Fillers in nasolabial folds-correction of wrinkles, results of introduction

Creases and wrinkles in the area of the nasolabial folds triangle begin to appear in women aged 35 years. The modern market offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products to correct this deficiency, however, not all of them are effective and safe. Using even the highest quality creams, serums, masks, you can get a short-term, unremarkable effect. Resorting to surgical interventions is recommended in extreme cases, because after the operation follows a long recovery period, can develop various adverse reactions.

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What are the possibilities?

Fillers in nasolabial folds are a worthy alternative to cosmetics and plastic surgery. The innovative method involves the use of drugs with the content of hyaluronic acid and other substances. When choosing a remedy for the correction of cosmetic defects should carefully examine the composition, the principle of action, the list of contraindications, familiarize yourself with possible side effects after the procedure.

The final result depends not only on the characteristics of the drugs used, but also on the professionalism of the beautician. Contour plastic with the help of fillers is shown to women of different age to solve such problems: vertical wrinkles, creases in the area of the nasolabial folds triangle, lowered corners of the lips, loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin. If to observe the technology of introduction, to use qualitative preparations, appreciable effect can be observed immediately after procedure.

Causes of nasolabial Wrinkles

The expressiveness and time of formation of cosmetic defects of a skin depends on heredity, a way of life, individual peculiarities of an organism, a mode of nutrition. The main reasons for the appearance of defects in the nasolabial folds triangle:

  • Natural age-related changes that are accompanied by a decline in collagen production;
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • Improper functioning of the facial muscles;
  • Cardinal reduction of body weight in a short period of time;
  • Swelling of the face tissues;
  • Malnutrition, surplus of harmful foods in the diet;
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Smoking.

The appearance of nasolabial folds can be provoked by one or several factors. The sooner you pay attention to this defect and start taking action, the better the result will be.

Filler in Nasolabial Folds

Previously, fillers for nasolabial folds were made on the basis of synthetic substances. They helped to achieve long-term effect, but often after the procedure there were various negative reactions. Today in cosmetology are used preparations with the content of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and other useful substances. The gel not only fills the intercellular space, smoothes out wrinkles, but also stimulates the natural production of collagen.

The procedure for the introduction of fillers should be carried out in the Cosmetology office on a special couch or chair. The first stage is consultation. The specialist studies the patient’s skin condition. The doctor should provide information about previously suffered diseases, possible allergic reactions. Based on the received data, he together with the client selects the most suitable drug. Filling of folds with fillers lasts about 30 minutes, includes several stages.

  • Preparation of skin cover for injection. To minimize the intensity of painful sensations, the skin is treated with ointments or creams with analgesic effect.
  • Insertion of the filler in folds. You may experience painful sensations, discomfort. Packaging with the drug must be hermetically neatleyed, open directly in front of the client.
  • Distribution of gel under the skin with a gentle massage action.
  • Skin treatment with antiseptic preparation for prevention of inflammation and penetration of infection. You can also apply a cold compress to prevent swelling tissues.

The procedure of filling nasolabial folds with fillers is rather painful, provides for the introduction of a special injection needle. The tool is entered long tjazhem, slowly. The specialist performs only one puncture, dosing the amount of gel with a careful press on the piston syringe.

The result is noticeable immediately after the procedure is completed. If the work is done correctly, adverse reactions should not occur. There may be slight swelling and redness in the injection sites. Often women wonder how long the effect lasts. It depends on the characteristics of the body, the conditions of the session, the qualification of the beautician, the quality of the selected product. The duration of the fillers varies from 6 months to 1.5 years.

Advantages of correction of Nasolabial Folds triangle by fillers:

Filler in nasolabial folds contains components that resorbirujutsja tissues, so after a certain period of time the procedure is recommended to re-conduct. The contour plastic with the use of these preparations is characterized by a number of advantages in comparison with operative intervention and use of cosmetic means.

  • High efficiency. Gel fills the intercellular space, stimulates the production of collagen, slows the flow of age-related changes, improves the condition and appearance of the skin.
  • Instant effect. Immediately after the procedure, the contour of the face is tightened, turgor skin is smoothed, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin is restored, inconspicuous creases and deep wrinkles become.
  • Long lasting result. For half a year the skin looks perfect. Then it is possible to make correction with the use of less material. Experts recommend to introduce fillers once a year to maintain the effect.
  • Short period of rehabilitation. The maximum result is achieved two days after the introduction of the drug. The skin looks flawless, redness disappears, swelling.
  • Minimum list of contraindications. High-quality fillers do not contain harmful components. Their basis-hyaluronic acid-a substance that is produced by the tissues of the body.
  • Reduced risk of side effects. If the procedure is done professionally, negative reactions do not appear.

Fillers, which are used to fill nasolabial folds, are divided into several categories. The most popular drugs, which are successfully used in prestigious salons, are gels with the content of stabilized hyaluronic acid. With their help it is possible not only to nasolabial folds to smooth out, but also to eliminate other signs of aging. Recently on the market appeared funds on the basis of other substances. More affordable fillers containing artificial collagen often cause allergic reactions. To choose the most suitable filler will help the specialist after studying the peculiarities of the skin.

The most popular drugs include Juvederm Ultra 3 and 4. The composition of fillers includes not only hyaluronic acid, but also lidocaine, which makes the procedure less painful. The Swiss Restylane Perlane is effective and absolutely safe, which has been confirmed during the multi-level inspection of the FDA. The preparation can be used to fill deep halls and folds. The fillers of Princess Filler and Volume of the Austrian production give natural, long-term result, development of complications arises in rare cases.

Disadvantages and negative consequences:

biocompatible, high-quality fillers are well tolerated by patients, do not cause adverse reactions. It is possible to use the means not only on the basis of hyaluronic acid, but also other components. Preparations with the content of hydroxyapatite calcium (radiess) provide a longer lasting effect, which lasts up to two years. There are also fillers, which consists of Polikaprolakton or polimolochnaja acid. Their drawback is that if the patient does not like the changes, it will be difficult to change or correct the result.

Common side effects after the procedure:

  • Redness, bruises, swelling appear in the place of injection needle;
  • The occurrence of inflammatory process in the zone of the nasolabial folds triangle;
  • Allergic reactions to the components of the material;
  • Displacement of gel, distortion of facial features;
  • Rejection of the drug.

In the last two cases it is possible to correct the situation by means of correction or complete removal of the filler. Insufficient treatment of the skin before or after the procedure can lead to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the sores and the development of the infectious process, which is accompanied by morbidity, suppuration.

You can avoid negative consequences if you follow the recommendations of a specialist in skin care in the first few days after the procedure. During 12 hours it is necessary to apply periodically to a place of an injection an ice bag, to process a skin by antiseptic means for prevention of infection. During the week it is necessary to refuse to take hot tubs, visit the swimming pool, sauna, gym Hall. Before going outside in sunny weather, it is recommended to treat the skin sun means to protect it from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.


Fillers in nasolabial folds, the reviews of which are mostly positive, can not be used by all. Although the list of contraindications is small, it should be read so as not to face unpleasant complications after the procedure. It is not necessary to resort to contour plastic with application of fillers in such cases:

  • Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Hyperthermia (high body temperature);
  • Violation of functions of digestive tract organs;
  • Intoxication of the body;
  • Acne, acne, abscesses in the field of injecting filler;
  • Inflammatory and infectious diseases;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin on the face.

It is not recommended to conduct the procedure for patients whose skin is prone to the formation of scars and scars, because after injecting needle can remain traces. Fillers are contraindicated for women with chronic diseases of the blood system, mental disorders, oncological pathologies, diabetes mellitus. The beautician is obliged to familiarize the patient with the complete list of contraindications, possible side effects and complications.

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