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About Neauvia

Neauvia Organic line of fillers is developed in Switzerland by Matex Lab, a medical aesthetics company that utilizes a proprietary cutting-edge technology to ensure unprecedented purity and preparation efficiency. Neauvia fillers stand out as the new generation of products due to their pure raw materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. Their unique formula is based on hyaluronic acid produced by Bacillus Subtilis, which is the purest form available today. Thanks to the natural origin and purity of hyaluronic acid contained in the fillers, the risk of rejection by the body is extremely low, it is possible to use high HA concentrations, and the products have a long shelf life. To anyone who wants to buy Neauvia wholesale, Major Medical Solutions continually offers these and many more aesthetic products at the best price. Do not hesitate to contact us and enjoy our friendly customer service and fast worldwide delivery.

The range of Neauvia Organic treatments is very comprehensive; in particular, it contains products designed specifically for men and for mature skin. Each product has its own characteristics and is intended for certain areas of administration. Please be aware that all dermal fillers are to be selected and applied by a qualified dermatologist.

Benefits of using Neauvia Organic dermal fillers:

  • Neauvia solutions are completely biocompatible and naturally degrade in the body over time.
  • The instant effect of Neauvia fillers is achieved due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid (24-28 mg/ml).
  • Neauvia products perfectly adapt to all skin types and ages (indicated only for patients over 18 years of age).
  • The innovative formulations of Neauvia dermal fillers, based on specific Bacillus Subtilis hyaluronic acid and PEG (polyethylene glycol) combinations, provide a long-term natural result.

Effects of Neauvia Organic fillers:

  • elimination of most wrinkles, from superficial lines to deep folds, in different facial areas;
  • lipoatrophy correction;
  • facial features remodeling and contouring;
  • deep tissue restoration of volume in moderately and strongly aged skin;
  • lip contouring and augmentation.
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