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About Dermaheal

Dermaheal is a brand that puts on the market products which were developed on basis of the company’s own researches. Caregen Со has patented about a hundred of innovative technologies in bioengineering since 2001.

One of the most important components in the field of anti-age cosmetology is biomimetic peptides connected to growth factors. The role of these constituents in our organisms is very similar to the one of proteins but as their structure is quite complex, it allows them to enter the nucleus and regulate biological processes.

For instance Dermaheal products stimulate growth of new cells and maintain the old ones. That’s the point of “growth factors” developed by Caregen Со.

Dermaheal also uses capsulation technology: the active ingredients of the 2-week program have a two-layer capsule to penetrate deep layers of the skin, which make it magnificent for fast and bright rejuvenation.

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