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Product summary

Perfectha is a lineup of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that help restore volume and suppleness to the skin while treating moderate to severe facial creases and folds. All Perfectha products are completely manufactured in France. The filler range was developed and ISO 13485 certified in 2007 by ObvieLine Laboratories, a French company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers — later acquired by Sinclair France SAS.

Perfectha is a new generation of HA fillers that provides natural and long-lasting results. With Perfectha products, facial volume is restored, and the skin looks incredibly healthy and plumped.

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Generic name

Non-animal, cross-linked (E-brid® technology) hyaluronic acid gel.

What does it contain?

In order to address different indications, Perfectha products contain stabilized non-animal-derived biphasic HA gel with various gel particle sizes. The concentration of HA in each formulation is 20 mg/ml. What distinguishes Perfectha gels is the particle size: the larger the particles, the greater their volumizing capacity, and the more prolonged the effect of the procedure.

How is it made?

Using the E-brid® technology, HA particles are cross-linked, promoting the formation of covalent bonds both between and within the molecules. The product contains minimal amounts of the cross-linking agent (BDDE).

Is a skin test required before treatment?

Perfectha fillers have a high patient tolerance and safety profile due to their non-animal origin. Therefore, no skin test is required prior to an injection.

Licensed status

All Perfectha fillers are licensed as Class III medical devices and CE-marked. The production process meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Product range

Perfectha is available in five different formulations. A particular Perfectha gel form is selected based on the treated area, the amount required, and the target depth of injection.

Perfectha Fine Lines 0.5ml (20mg/ml, 180,000 gel particles/ml)

Perfectha Fine Lines is injected into the superficial dermis to treat fine wrinkles such as crow’s feet and perioral lines. This dermal filler is a popular choice for patients all over the world, especially those who want naturally beautiful results.

Perfectha Derm 1ml (20 mg/ml, 90,000 gel particles/ml)

Perfectha Derm is indicated for treating medium facial wrinkles and glabellar lines, as well as for lip enhancement. Perfectha Derm is a great choice for everyone who desires a refreshed, natural appearance due to its immediate results and energizing properties.

Perfectha Deep 1ml (20mg/ml, 8,000 gel particles/ml)

Injected into the deep dermis, Perfectha Deep improves deeply etched wrinkles, including nasolabial folds. The filler is also used to contour the cheekbones, chin, and lips. Perfectha Deep is a fantastic option for any patient who wants a natural-looking result because of its intense volumizing properties and quick results.

Perfectha Subskin 1 x 3ml or 3 x 1ml (20mg/ml, 2,000 gel particles/ml)

With Perfectha Subskin, you can contour different areas of the face, smooth out aging skin, hide scars, and add or restore volume to the cheeks, chin, jaw, and hands. It can also be used by medical professionals to treat facial atrophy or to contour the nose as a rhinoplasty alternative.

Perfectha Complement 0.8ml (20mg/ml, 180,000 gel particles/ml)

Perfectha Complement is injected into the superficial dermis and is designed for touch-ups and correction after procedures like botulinum toxin injections or face peels.

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