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About Juvederm

Nowadays JUVEDERM dermal fillers (Allergan the USA) are the most modern high quality dermal fillers, created on the basis of stabilized hyaluronic acid that are used for modeling and contour correction of the face.

Owing to hyaluronic acid, Juvederm fillers retain liquid which makes the skin more elastic. It also contains anesthetic as one of the components that makes the procedure almost painless. The treated area looks natural after injection.

Juvederm has a lot of various products that can be used for many different treatments. For instance, to iron deep wrinkles or skin-folds and to smooth fine lines as well as to form better lips, chin or cheek bones contour. With this filler you can also tighten your facial skin, eliminate wrinkles above your lips and under the corners of your lips.

Juvederm is also loved all around the world because with it you can add volume to your lips and to soft tissues. You will see the difference right after the first treatment, moreover, the effect is really long lasting in comparison with most of other fillers.