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How does Synocrom work?

Synocrom is primarily designed for people suffering from osteoarthritis, which is a joint disorder caused by the breakdown of lubricating fluid within joints, resulting in stiffness, discomfort, and loss of movement. A Synocrom injection is used to treat osteoarthritis knee pain in patients who have failed to respond to pain medications (e.g., acetaminophen) or physical therapy (exercise, physiotherapy, etc.). It is also used to heal mouth ulcers, prevent skin aging, and help with cataract surgery.

Synocrom is similar to a naturally occurring substance in the joints. It works by acting as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joints, allowing them to function properly. Synocrom is generally administered in a series of injections spaced one week apart for a total of 3 to 5 procedures, depending on the product. You may not feel maximum pain relief until you’ve had several injections.

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What are the benefits of Synocrom?

  • Synocrom is based on biofermentatively produced, highly purified hyaluronic acid which is nearly identical to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. Synocrom is preservative-free and extremely well-tolerated: the treatment has been shown to cause minimal side effects.
  • Synocrom is suitable for all synovial joints. It relieves discomfort and improves joint mobility due to its shock-absorbing qualities.
  • Synocrom has protecting, shock-absorbing, lubricating, and anti-inflammatory effects. Pain is alleviated as the body’s own hyaluronic acid synthesis is reactivated.

What does a viscosupplementation treatment involve?

Synocrom is a gel-like solution that is delivered by a process called viscosupplementation. The intraarticular technique is used for the treatment. Synocrom enhances the viscoelasticity of fluid in mild to moderate osteoarthritis by replacing lost fluid in the synovial joint area.

Resorting to hyaluronic acid-based therapy — which is well-accepted by the body — to restore lost acid decreases the need for steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs to address knee joint discomfort. Synocrom helps people to regain their normal life quality by relieving pain and increasing mobility.

Side effects

Synocrom should only be administered by, or under the direct supervision of, your doctor.

Synocrom may have some undesired side effects in addition to its intended effects. Although not all of these side effects are likely to occur, if they are severe, medical treatment may be required.

After the procedure you may experience pain, warmth, swelling, and redness at the injection site. These symptoms are common and usually resolve within several hours. In order to prevent these symptoms, it is recommended to apply a cold compress to the treated area.

If any of the following side effects occur, contact your doctor right away:

  • the symptoms of an allergic reaction (cough, itching of the skin, difficulty in swallowing, fever, trouble breathing, dizziness),
  • headache,
  • joint effusion,
  • muscle spasms,
  • joint stiffness,
  • hemarthrosis.

Some patients may suffer from other adverse effects that aren’t mentioned here. Consult your healthcare professional if you experience any other side effects.


Synocrom should not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to one of the components of the product. Patients with a known hypersensitivity to avian proteins should also avoid using Synocrom products.

Since this product is administered intra-articularly, patients with bacterial arthritis are not advised to receive the treatment in order to avoid complications.

Synocrom is not recommended for use in pregnant women and children under the age of 18.

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