Treatment tricks in the period of menopause

You have probably noticed that there are women who just stop aging after 40 years old and stay young-looking at the age of 50, 60 and even 70. The thing is that they know how the skin changes in different periods of life and therefore they adapt the skincare treatments. In the period of menopause, due to the metabolism and hormonal panel changes, the structure of all the skin layers transforms from epidermis to hypodermis. It is very important to “support” the skin during this stage of life, to make it look young and healthy as long as possible. You should remember that there is not one right solution for every single woman with skin issues or hints to them. It is always a combination of skincare treatment products that is always different. Anyway, these are some general tricks that may be useful on your path to your never-ending youth.

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In the period of menopause the skin loses its density and elasticity, as a result, it gets thinner and more delicate. Due to the hyaluronic acid deficiency, the skin stops doing the supporting function therefore, you have your facial contours less accurate, your lines and scars more noticeable and your eyebrows going down. That is why the anti-aging skincare is indispensable, you should choose products which improve skin density and stimulate intercellular matrix synthesis. Some women use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that provide a natural and good looking result for 6-18 and then the product wears completely off the organism. Botox is also a good solution for the facial areas that have muscle activity such as the forehead and area around the eyes. Botox and dermal fillers can be used together for correction of deep glabellar and forehead wrinkles. Aquashine will be good for these cases.

With aging hydrating, the skin becomes more and more essential due to the degradation of metabolic process. Through the period of menopause, the skin may lose up to 50% of sebum level that is why it gets dry and dehydrated. Remember to drink more still water in order to hydrate your organism from within. It is important to use products for sensitive skin, they should contain natural oils, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that provide a convenient nourishment for your aging skin.

Another way to stay young and attractive is a good peeling of the skin. The regular scrubbing of cellular debris may force the epidermis regeneration and ameliorate skin color. You should also use the sun protection because it may damage your skin very hard, as you probably know. The pigment spots appear easily on the thinned skin and their correction is quite complicated.

If you are thinking of getting your skin young and naturally beautiful for the longest time possible, find your perfect cosmetologist with good qualification and a lot of experience. A professional doctor can always find a solution to any skin problems you have, advise you treatment sessions and skincare products which are suitable in your situation.

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