What are hyaluronic acid fillers?

Young look, regardless of age-the desire of most people, and especially women. In the modern world, appearance is of great importance, helping to equip life:

  • Beauty is an indicator that determines the level of well-being.
  • It is much more pleasant to communicate with a well-groomed person, and it promotes formation of useful connections in a business environment.
  • Wishing to bring the interlocutor to the contact, the well-groomed appearance assumes it to you, creating an impression of intelligence, and will contribute to trust.

Cosmetology industry expands the range of provided services every day, creating new opportunities. In addition to the standard procedures for body care, there are many options to adjust the appearance. Not necessarily falls under the knife of the surgeon, for the sake of changing the shape of the spout. The use of Hyaluronic fillers is a popular and common way of changing the appearance and maintaining the beauty of the body.

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Like all other fashion novelties, they are produced by many companies seeking to cash in on the increased demand of the product. To avoid mistakes when choosing, you need to have a general idea of the product, in order to weed out unnecessary or fake.

The human dermis contains Glikozaminoglikan. One of the properties is to bind the water molecules, and as a consequence, the intercellular substance becomes jelly and more elastic. Glycosaminoglycans form a monolithic matrix that supports skin cells together. This layer, provides smooth and smooth skin, resists external bacteria and retains moisture. Also, Glycosaminoglycans are responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. With aging, the body depleteds, losing useful substances. To maintain the appearance and health, began to develop technologies that replace the lost elements artificial.

The ideal substitute for glycosaminoglycans is recognized hyaluronic acid, which is used in the vast majority of fillers. It is substantiated by absence of immune reactions and rejection, at introduction in an organism. Most commonly used to eliminate facial defects.

With the introduction of acid in the skin, smoothed various types of deepenings such as deep wrinkles, sunken cheeks, you can also modify the shape of the lip or nose.

Types of Fillers

The type of filler is selected according to the peculiarities of the patient, so it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist who will be able to determine the severity of the defect and choose the appropriate remedy.

First of all, hyaluronic fillers are distinguished depending on their properties:

  • Live
  • Artificial

“Living” are created by using resources of plant and animal origin. Natural product determines dearness and can be the cause of allergic reactions, because the living organism is peculiar reject alien cells.

Artificially created fillers have a low allergic threshold and are available in price.


High level of concentration provides greater efficiency. For stability of an acid molecule it is necessary to put a ligament with each other. As a result, fillers are subdivided into fully connected – they operate considerably long term and partially connected.

Particle size

Hyaluronic acid is connected to the stabilizer. As a result, the substance of gel concentration is obtained. Passing filtration, it is divided into particles of different sizes. Large, used in the correction of deep wrinkles and obvious defects (changing the shape of the nose or straightening cavities). Small particles align shallow wrinkles. Also, produce fillers with the content of both types of particles.

The variety of fillers also provides a level of hydration. The peculiarity of hyaluronic acid, like Glycosaminoglycans, lies in the ability to bind water molecules, which are significantly superior in weight (almost 1000 times). As the level of hydration increases, the number of molecules that can bind the filler increases accordingly. Therefore, partial hydration does not provide an instantaneous effect, as the filler is able to pull only a portion of the water, and the result can be observed after a while.

Wide demand creates an extensive list of offers in the sales market. This does not mean that any company is able to create a quality product, without negative consequences for the body. Trusting advertising and advice is fundamentally wrong. Only a specialist working in the environment for a long time and knowing about the peculiarities of the products can find the right product for you. Choosing a tool, it is worth paying attention to certificates, trademarks and consumer demand. For professional advice, please contact the specialists of our online store mmsfiller.com. Quality goods for sure will be made by the firm, long time engaged in manufacture of cosmetics, and well proven itself. The availability of certificates confirms the medical checks that the drug was subjected to. They guarantee safety for health and quality of goods.

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