Aqtis Medical

Aqtis Medical, a Sinclair company, designs, produces, and distributes innovative injectable medical devices for minimally invasive treatments in the field of medical aesthetics and other therapeutic areas. Aqtis Medical products have been certified by the CE mark, confirming their safety and effectiveness.


About Aqtis Medical

Founded in 2006, Aqtis Medical is an international medical aesthetics company that delivers an extensive product range. With its revolutionary, cutting-edge technology and exceptional product quality, performance, and service, Aqtis Medical aims to set new benchmarks in the bioresorbable medical aesthetics market. The company is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands and sells its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.

In March 2014, Sinclair Pharma, an international pharmaceutical company, acquired the global rights to Ellanse, a brand of collagen-stimulating dermal fillers, through the acquisition of Aqtis Medical. Sinclair delivers a unique range of scientifically-advanced aesthetic products and services made exclusively for high-skilled clinicians. Ellanse may be used as a complementary treatment to Perfectha, manufactured by Sinclair Pharma, and is steadily gaining momentum in international markets.

Aqtis Medical products and their applications

One of Aqtis Medical’s best-known brands is Ellanse, a collection of dermal fillers used in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Manufactured using the special STAT technology developed by Aqtis Medical, Ellanse fillers are designed to slow down the aging process in the skin by acting as a biostimulator of collagen production. Ellanse products contain synthetic polycaprolactone (PCL) and carboxymethyl cellulose and are available in 4 formulations: S, M, L, and E, with results lasting up to 18-24 months.

Ellanse fillers are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards for implantable medical devices. Ellanse’s efficacy and great safety profile have been continuously shown since its launch in 2009, not only in clinical studies and vigilance surveys, but also in everyday clinical practice.

Manufacturer’s innovations and benefits

Aqtis Medical is an ISO-certified manufacturer that operates according to the strictest international quality assurance guidelines. The company focuses on designing safe, easy-to-administer, and highly effective aesthetic treatments that are used by health experts to enhance the patients’ quality of life all over the world. Aqtis Medical received the 2011 Frost & Sullivan European Technology Innovation of the Year Award for its pioneering Ellanse family of products.