A brief guide to dermal fillers

Doctors use hyaluronic acid fillers in different areas of the skin in order to correct the lines and wrinkles (for example, Jalupro HMW) and to make areas such as cheeks look plumper and more symmetrical. Due to normal aging, hyaluronic acid may be deficient in an organism, so the cells do not connect water molecules in the right way. As a result, the upper skin layer gets dry and in the deeper layers of skin, the tissues may become swollen.

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Outside, the very same aesthetic issues are in evidence and therefore there is a need to consult a doctor with various skin problems:

  • wrinkles and lines on the face and body;
  • dark circles and baggy eyes;
  • thinning of soft tissues with marked pinches and contour deformation;
  • skin laxity and elasticity degradation;
  • acne and wound scars.

A qualified expert can always find a way to correct skin issues you may have.

Difference of Botox with fillers

Botox and dermal fillers have dissimilar mechanisms and formulas but the combination of these forms of treatment may be effective in correction of well-marked skin issues. Botox is a great decision for the facial areas which have muscle activity. The dynamic facial lines, such as forehead rhytides, crows feet, and glabellar frown line are best treated with Botox as it paralyzes the main facial muscles. By contrast, the dermal fillers interspace under the skin and make it young and smooth. Fillers are appropriate for deep lines, even when facial muscles do not contract. Together, they may provide getting your face natural and young. In many cases, fillers last longer when using Botox. Sometimes, the combination of these products is essential, e.g. in order to correct deep forehead rhytides and glabellar wrinkles.

Possible risks related to dermal fillers

One of the major risks you may take is choosing a cosmetologist who is doing a treatment session. It is very important to find a qualified and professional doctor who has a lot of experience with various types of products. With the right choice of the filler, technique of injection and the proper care after the treatment session, the results of using dermal fillers may be long-lasting and naturally looking.

Since the hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the organism, it makes dermal fillers hypoallergic and biocompatible. Otherwise, the injection sites may become slightly red, swollen, and have some very minor bruising that disappear within 2-3 days.

Is there the best dermal filler?

There are a lot of types of dermal fillers in the modern cosmetology and each of them can be used in correction of very different skin issues. It depends on your needs and tolerance which product and technique are going to be used by your doctor. Even though your friend says it is good or you have read on the Internet doesn’t always mean it may be really effective for your situation.

Why using dermal fillers?

Perhaps, you know that some of the skin problems cannot be always treated with ordinary skincare products. Not only aging affects the skin but also things like fat loss, the sun damage, your lifestyle, muscle movement and even gravity can make you look older and less attractive as well. Dermal fillers provide a good-looking and natural result for 6-18 months or even more, based on the chosen product and the skincare after treatment session.

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