Bio revitalization drug Aquashine – the effect of the filler, the photo before and after

Today’s market of cosmetology preparations presents a great variety of means for the implementation of Biorevitalisation. They differ from each other not only the cost, but also the composition, as well as the duration of the resulting effect of the procedure. One of the most proven products on the ratio of price-quality-duration of the effect is considered production aquashine.

About the use of drugs of this brand on the Internet can be found a lot of positive feedback, which left both patients suffered the result of the drug, and doctors-beauticians who work with this remedy.

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Before making a positive decision and agreeing to the procedure of Biorevitalisation, it is recommended to carefully examine the components of the preparation and indications for use.

with the Biorevitalisation Aquashine procedure. Therefore, we will focus on only two drugs, slightly different effects and composition:

Revofil Aquashine; Revofil aquashine BR.

These funds are anti-aging, they are based on hyaluronic acid.

Revofil Aquashine comprises 56 components:

  • 4 varieties of biometric peptides;
  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • 24 varieties of amino acids;
  • 14 Varieties of vitamins;
  • 8 Varieties of minerals and coenzymes.

The use of the drug allows to achieve:

  • Lifting effect;
  • Reducing the number of skin rashes;
  • Antioxidant protection;
  • Hydration of the skin;
  • Increase skin density;
  • Pore narrowing;
  • Normalize the process of sebum skin production;
  • Wrinkle elimination;
  • Face contour;
  • Minimization of scars;
  • Recovery in skin cells is the production of collagen as well as elastin

Both means on the structure coincide practically on 80%. There is a rare peptide in the composition of REVOFIL AQUASHINE BR, which works with pigmentation of the skin resulting from age-related changes. When using the tool new stains are simply not formed, because the drug reduces the synthesis of melanin in the human body. Age pigmentation begins to appear actively after reach 50 years of age.

The use of the drug Aquashine BR is aimed at eliminating:

  • Wrinkles, including deep;
  • Lack of moisture in the skin;
  • Pigment spots;
  • Dull skin color of the face;
  • Disadvantages of elasticity and tone of the skin;
  • Wide pores;
  • Rosacea.

The resulting effect of the use of the tool is maintained for a long period. The use of both means is at once prohibited, so before the procedure should consult with the beautician on the choice of the drug.

Products are produced in the form of gel, escape in a disposable syringe, suitable for one procedure. Before introducing injections produce the following manipulations:

The skin is thoroughly cleaned;

  • Area of impact anesthetized by application of appropriate means;
  • The person is marked in the places where the preparation will be introduced;
  • After the procedure, a soothing mask is applied, and then a sunscreen.

To get a lasting effect, it is recommended to do at least 3 biorevitalisation procedures. The number of treatments directly depends on the condition of the skin before the manipulation. Between injections must be at least 14 days.

According to the patients ‘ feedback, the effect of the procedure can be noticed after a day, in the following days it is only intensified.

The recommendations of the specialists should be heeded and a minimum of 3 procedures should be conducted within 12 months to maintain the result. Tip: Do not change the beautician at each procedure. All sessions are recommended to be conducted by one specialist.

Aquashine: before and after

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