Skin rejuvenation procedure with fillers TEOSYAL

To get rid of the halls, to fill without consequences of the lost volume of the person and to keep a natural kind of a skin it is necessary to undergo a procedure of rejuvenation with use of fillers Teosyal.

This filler is safe and resistant due to the composition. Great for removing deep wrinkles and rooms, softening nasolabial folds, as well as lip modelling.

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How often should I visit a beautician?

To undergo such a procedure beauticians recommend one or two sessions every 6-8 months depending on the zone of impact and desired effect.

Together with the collection of Anemneza (questions about previous injections, client’s wishes, diseases, allergic reactions) and anesthesia procedure will take about 40 minutes.


Filler TEOSYAL is a Swiss product whose safety and efficacy is guaranteed by high brand standards and numerous consumer testimonials. These hyaluronic gels have a high degree of purification and retikulirovany (a special agent has been added to facilitate the creation of interwoven networks in hyaluronic acid molecules that increase the duration of the filler’s exposure).

How is the contour plastic procedure?

The procedure is completely painless. It is possible to feel only a few unpleasant moments when the doctor transverse passes a needle the basic zone of introduction of a filler for reception of the maximal natural result and a longer effect. Then the doctor gently stretches the skin in the treated areas, distributing the filler inside the skin with fingers. But the patient is strictly forbidden to touch the face in the next couple of days until the drug completely calms down.

The effect of the procedure will be visible immediately. Facial features instantly soften. The hated halls are like erased by the erasers. Nasolabial folds are filled with volume, and the corners of the mouth pripodnimutsja, and the young lady will no longer look sullen and peaked. So you can “younger” for 10 years! The injection zone looks reddened at first, but there will be no bruises. These minor consequences can be skillfully concealed only with the help of cream-powder.

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