How long do dermal fillers last?

As we already know, all fillers are divided into two large groups: biodegradable – absorbable and non-biodegradable – non-absorbable. Since the last ones have a lot of side effects and often provoke allergies they are almost out of use now. As for biodegradable fillers, most of them are based on hyaluronic acid. Such products are normally excreted from the body in 6-12 months because the acid decomposes into the simplest substances, which means that the effect from the injectables lasts for up to 12 months. On the one hand it provides only temporary effect, but on the other hand it eliminates the risks of complications, because hyaluronic acid is contained in our bodies (especially skin and lens). The procedure can be repeated afterwards.

It is impossible to calculate the exact effect length because of a lot of factors: for instance, specific organism features and its reaction to the product. Normally, using medium viscosity gels prolongs the effect. Second important factor is the injected zone. For example, the product in the lips or nasolabial fold dissolves faster than in some other wrinkles. That is why it is better not to drink or eat anything hot for at least 24 hours after procedure. Metabolic rate influences a lot as well. Thus, sportsmen are likely to have a shorter-lasting effect because of heavy loads, active metabolic rate and high water consumption. As for smokers, they will need a larger volume of the injected medication since they usually have drier skin.

It should be noted that procedures provoking an inflammatory reaction in the skin (chemical peels, laser technology, IPL, radio frequency techniques) will accelerate the resorption of the filler and can be done only 2 weeks after the filler injection.

Here are some useful hints for you to have a longer-lasting effect from Restylane fillers. As well as all the aesthetics procedures, sauna and solarium should be excluded for at least 2 weeks. It is also better not to have your face massaged (if any dermal filler has been injected there) and avoid sleeping on the face. It is also recommended not to drink a lot before going to sleep and avoid alcohol.

A good thing about dermal fillers is that they has accumulative effect so the results after each next procedure will stay longer even if you use less viscous gels.

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