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Stylage is a brand of professional cosmetics for face and body care manufactured by Vivacy Laboratories (France). Stylage fillers are injectable gels based on hyaluronic acid, which is an essential component of the skin’s structure responsible for its hydration, elasticity, and firmness. As we age, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin loses its shape, and wrinkles appear. To help reduce age-related changes and improve the appearance of the skin, Vivacy Laboratories have developed a wide range of injectable dermal fillers based on biocompatible hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-like technology) and antioxidants.

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The desired results are achieved through the use of two powerful ingredients:

  • Concentrated hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate the skin and stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin;
  • Mannitol, an antioxidant, which prevents the degradation of hyaluronic acid by free radicals, making the effects last longer. Besides, this component reduces the redness and swelling associated with the injection procedure itself.

Stylage fillers are perfectly suited for contour plastics. With the various concentrations of HA, Stylage can be used to fix the symmetry of the face, increase the volume of the lips and cheekbones, and eliminate acne scars and wrinkles. The effect is noticeable almost immediately, but you will see the final result after 2-3 days. The effects last for up to 12 months. The period of biodegradation depends on the patient’s lifestyle, age, skin type, and other factors.

Classification of Stylage products, their indications, and effects:

Major Medical Solutions offers to buy the most popular Stylage products wholesale and have the order promptly delivered to your location thanks to our worldwide shipping options. The Stylage group of dermal fillers includes formulations with and without anesthetic (lidocaine).

Stylage Hydro and Hydro MAX

Stylage Hydro is a perfect choice for biorevitalisation procedures as it contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 14 mg/g and an antioxidant. The formula is designed to restore moisture balance and improve elasticity and tone of the skin.

Stylage Hydro MAX also contains hyaluronic acid at 12.5 mg/g and an antioxidant (sorbitol). Thanks to the addition of this component, the gel helps to achieve an instantly visible effect. Stylage Hydro Max successfully reduces the signs of premature aging, moisturizes and tightens the skin, restores the skin tone.


  • Stylage Hydro: non cross-linked hyaluronic acid, mannitol.
  • Stylage Hydro MAX: cross-linked hyaluronic acid, sorbitol.

Indications: Stylage Hydro is designed to treat moderate wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in aging skin on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. Stylage Hydro MAX improves dehydrated and dull skin and also works towards eliminating age-related changes.


  • correction of nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, frown lines,
  • moisturizing the skin, restoring its smooth texture, elasticity, and tone,
  • minimizing open pores and improving acne,
  • instant improvement of skin complexion.

Stylage S

Stylage S is based on hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 16 mg/g. The product is injected into the surface and middle layers of the dermis. It can be applied for the prevention of age-related skin changes that otherwise would occur after the age of 25. The duration of the effect is about 9-12 months.

Ingredients: cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Available with lidocaine.

Indications: The Stylage S filler is designed specifically to reduce superficial wrinkles in thin and sensitive areas. It is ideal for the correction of glabellar lines, crow’s feet, and lip augmentation.


  • natural correction of superficial lines and wrinkles around the eyes,
  • increasing lip volume,
  • reducing under-eye circles,
  • keeping skin smooth and youthful.

Stylage M

Stylage M has a thicker texture and can be used for smoothing deep wrinkles. The filler retains moisture in the skin keeping it soft and hydrated and helps eliminate the signs of premature skin aging. The effect remains noticeable for 10-12 months.

Ingredients: cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Available with lidocaine.

Indications: Stylage M is designed to correct moderate and deep folds such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and forehead lines. The product can also be used to correct the nasal hump or lift the tip of the nose. Stylage M is applicable for hand rejuvenation and lip augmentation.


  • elimination of moderate and deep wrinkles and folds,
  • dorsal hump correction and nasal tip lift,
  • improving the contours of the face and lips,
  • increasing the volume of lips, cheekbones, and cheeks.

Stylage L

Stylage L is a thick hyaluronic acid-based filler for contour plastics and correction of deep wrinkles and folds. It contains hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 24 mg/g. The product can be used for the improvement of skin with multiple mild wrinkles, achieved by restoring volume. Stylage L contains an antioxidant — mannitol; its action is aimed at slowing down the degradation of hyaluronic acid. The filler is injected into the deep layers of the skin. The duration of the effect is about 12 months, depending on the patient’s age and lifestyle, as well as the injection technique.

Ingredients: cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Available with lidocaine.

Indications: Stylage L is designed to smooth out deep and very deep wrinkles and folds. It is great for correcting nasolabial folds, frown lines, marionette lines, and also for improving sagging and dull skin.


  • elimination of deep wrinkles and folds,
  • hands rejuvenation,
  • restoration of skin tone and firmness,
  • correction of the facial features,
  • increasing the volume of lips, cheekbones, and cheeks.

Stylage XL and XXL

Stylage XL and XXL are dermal fillers featuring hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and mannitol. The products are injected into the deep dermis or the subcutaneous layers of skin. These products are effective solutions for treating volume loss in mature skin for a more youthful appearance. The effects last around 9 to 12 months.

Ingredients: cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Available with lidocaine.

Indications: These fillers are used on mature sagging skin that has lost volume. They are designed to restore facial contours in cheekbone, cheek, and chin areas.


  • augmentation of facial features and restoring balance where they lack symmetry,
  • skin tightening.

Stylage Special Lips

Stylage Special Lips is a monophasic cross-linked HA-based gel. This is a go-to product for anyone who wants to plump up lips, define and correct lip contour, and eliminate the signs of premature skin aging around the mouth. The effect lasts up to 9 months.

Ingredients: cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Available with lidocaine.

Indications: Stylage Special Lips is specifically used for lip correction and enhancement. It is also capable of reducing perioral wrinkles and replenishing the lip structure gradually lost with age.


  • lip volume augmentation,
  • restoring moisture balance to the lips,
  • elimination of fine wrinkles around the mouth,
  • fixing the symmetry and improving the shape of the lips.

Stylage: before and after

You can buy Stylage products online at Major Medical Solutions and enjoy their natural and long-lasting results. The products are safe to use and their formulations are perfectly adapted to all skin types and ages. It should be noted that all dermal fillers are to be applied by a qualified dermatologist.

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