Anika Therapeutics, Inc

Anika Therapeutics is a world-renowned joint preservation company that develops and delivers important advances in early orthopaedic therapy. Anika is well-known for its minimally invasive solutions — Cingal, Orthovisc, and Monovisc — that help restore active living for patients all over the world.


About the Manufacturer

Since its foundation in 1992, Anika Therapeutics, Inc. has grown to become the industry leader in high-growth areas of orthopaedic treatment. The company offers a complete portfolio of solutions for osteoarthritis pain alleviation, regenerative care, and sports medicine, including Arthrosurface joint implants. Anika Therapeutics provides patient care alternatives that help in controlling pain, postponing or avoiding a more invasive treatment, and sometimes, decreasing the progression of the condition. In order to produce cutting-edge solutions, the company has formed collaborations with a number of renowned manufacturers, including Orthocell, Medtronic, and Johnson & Johnson.

Manufacturer’s Brands

Anika Pharmaceuticals manufactures and distributes a diversified portfolio of hyaluronic acid-based products used for a wide spectrum of therapeutic applications. The key viscosupplementation products offered by Anika include the multi-injection product, Orthovisc and the single-injection product, Monovisc that are synovial joint fluid replacement therapies for the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. Cingal is Anika’s third-generation treatment for osteoarthritis-related pain. Cingal, which combines hyaluronic acid with a steroid, is currently offered in more than 35 countries outside the US. You can buy Cingal, Orthovisc, and Monovisc intra-articular injections from Major Medical Solutions online at the most affordable wholesale price.

Manufacturer’s Strengths

Anika Therapeutics is a leader in the orthopaedic medical device market, with a comprehensive product portfolio and a strong presence in the European and Asian markets. Anika Therapeutics products are generally well-tolerated and offer clinically proven long-term pain relief. HA viscosupplements designed by Anika Therapeutics have been demonstrated to be a safe and effective targeted treatment for osteoarthritis with minimal adverse effects.