Biotech pharmaceutical company develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high-quality products in ophthalmology, orthopaedics, and aesthetic medicine. The company produces safe and scientifically proven solutions that help patients from around the world maintain and improve their health and lifestyles.

About the Manufacturer

Founded in 1999 in India, Biotech Healthcare Group is a multinational pharmaceutical company. Its solutions are currently sold in more than 106 countries thanks to the company’s exponential expansion. Biotech’s sales and marketing headquarters are located in Lucerne, Switzerland, and its two primary R&D centers, as well as its cutting-edge production facilities, are located in Roscommon, Ireland, and Ahmedabad, India. Biotech Healthcare operates in three medical fields: ophthalmology, dermatology, and orthopedics.

Manufacturer’s Brands

Biotech has a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art surgical ophthalmic products and solutions (Optiflex, Eyecryl, Bio Vision, Optiject, etc.). The company’s skincare solutions include a range of versatile fillers for skin rejuvenation and restoring facial volume and shape (Gloderm). In orthopedics, the company provides a variety of single-shot and multiple-shot viscosupplementation treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee (Optivisc, Biovisc). The products are intended to relieve pain in OA-affected joints and increase joint mobility. You can purchase Optivisc and Biovisc viscosupplements from Major Medical Solutions at the best wholesale price.

Manufacturer’s Strengths

Biotech is dedicated to innovation in order to provide its customers with medical and aesthetic items that have been clinically tested and meet the highest standards of quality. With a broad distribution network and a highly effective sales team, Biotech offers its clients excellent pre- and post-purchase service. The company strives to build a worldwide structure that serves physicians, offers amazing products to their patients, and uses its growth momentum to work on treatments and solutions for diseases that have no cure yet.