Laboratoire Galderma is a manufacturer of professional skincare with a wide range of products, extremely reliable brands, and a high level of client loyalty, to name a few of its advantages. It aims to improve people’s quality of life by concentrating on skin health treatments based on science.

About the manufacturer

Galderma was established in 1981 by L’Oréal and Nestlé. The company had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé since 2014 until 2019, when a group of renowned institutional investors, including EQT, GIC, Luxinva (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADIA), PSP Investments, and others, carved out the business. Galderma strives to improve the lives of its clients by offering safe, effective, and clinically proven medical aesthetics solutions that will help them look and feel their best. This global dermatology company offers innovative products to clinicians all over the world, backed up by cutting-edge science and training.


Manufacturer’s brands

Among the many medical and consumer skin health solutions that Galderma manufactures, some of the most popular are Restylane dermal fillers that allow patients to enhance their facial contours and reduce the signs of skin aging. The Restylane collection offers a variety of products for treating different skin problems, including frown lines, nasolabial folds, perioral wrinkles, etc.

Sculptra, a special PLLA-based treatment offered by Galderma, is intended to stimulate the formation of collagen and restore the volume and inner structure of the skin.

Major Medical Solutions is a reliable supplier of Galderma’s aesthetic injectables to the global market. You can buy Galderma products online at the most reasonable wholesale price.

Manufacturer’s strengths

Galderma’s injectable products reduce or eliminate wrinkles and scars, enhance lips and restore lost volume to the skin. Galderma offers the widest choice of injectable treatments available, allowing everyone to satisfy their individual aesthetic desires. With constant innovation and the development of new technologies, Galderma pushes the industry forward in their continuous effort to provide safe, advanced treatments that meet or exceed patients’ expectations.