Marllor Biomedical

Marllor Biomedical designs and markets cutting-edge, innovative technologies and medical devices with the aim of making a significant technological and scientific contribution to non-surgical procedures in dermatology and cosmetic medicine.


About the manufacturer

Marllor Biomedical is an Italian pharmaceutical company established in 2007. Today, it holds a respected position in the world of aesthetic medicine. Marllor Biomedical is already present in a number of European countries and is quickly growing internationally. The company’s product range includes fat dissolving treatments, special high-quality steel needles for intralipotherapy, a wide array of medical devices designed to reduce the signs of aging, and other cosmetic products developed using the most recent technologies and equipment.

Manufacturer’s brands

One of the most popular products developed by Marllor Biomedical is Aqualyx, which is used to quickly and effectively remove stubborn fat deposits. With a detergent (weakened sodium deoxycholate) as the main ingredient, Aqualyx is a phosphatidylcholine-free solution that destroys fat cells. The detergent dissolves the fat by emulsifying the membrane of the adipose cell. Aqualyx is a reasonable alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction. The product may be applied on the torso, legs, chest, and the chin. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and allows you to return to your everyday life immediately after the treatment.

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Manufacturer’s strengths

Research and development has always been the first priority for Marllor Biomedical. The majority of its investments go into clinical research, continuous product quality improvement, and device registration. With the support from the leading Italian and European companies, it develops devices and auxiliary tools using the most innovative industrial technologies, backed by the certifications required to ensure the quality of the manufacturing process and the raw materials.