Matex Lab

Matex Lab S.P.A. is a Swiss company focusing on the development and production of a wide range of anti-aging products. Matex Lab is known all over the world for its high-quality innovative medical devices and cosmeceuticals.


About the manufacturer

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Matex Lab manufactures a range of medical aesthetic solutions. Since its launch in 2012, the company has specialized in the following fields: injectables, such as skin fillers and biorevitalizers, anti-aging and lenitive creams, tissue regeneration systems, and healing serums. All products undergo multiple laboratory tests, which ensures their safety and excellent efficacy.

Manufacturer’s brands

Neauvia is a new generation of BDDE-free hyaluronic acid fillers known for their high safety and tolerability profile. The combination of ultra-pure hyaluronic acid and a special cross-linker, PEG, makes Neauvia Organic stand out on the global market. Thanks to this exceptional combination, Matex’s highly cohesive and viscoelastic hydrogel is very simple to inject and shape into the tissue. There are several different fillers and revitalizers in the Neauvia product range used for various indications. All products have the advantage of long-lasting effects and slow biodegradation.

Neauvia has quickly become a well-established name in aesthetic medicine, with a global distribution network that covers more than 70 countries. You can buy Matex Lab S.A. fillers wholesale from Major Medical Solutions.

Manufacturer’s strengths

The company’s mission is to inspire people to take proactive, holistic, and effective control of their aging process from the inside out. Drawing from its professional team’s unique experience in integrated aesthetic medicine, Matex Lab combines advanced skin technologies, professional skin care products, and food supplements to enable practitioners to achieve optimal treatment results and exceptional patient satisfaction.