ObvieLine Laboratories, a Sinclair Pharma company, specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. The company offers solutions for filling wrinkles, increasing tissue volume, and contouring the lips.

About the manufacturer

Obvieline Laboratories was founded in 2005 and is based in France, Europe. Laboratory Obvieline offers new approaches and solutions in aesthetic medicine, including products for skin lifting and collagen stimulation, next-generation hyaluronic fillers to reduce wrinkles and lines, and scar control products.


Manufacturer brands

Sinclair Pharma Ltd. produces Perfectha entirely in France at a laboratory dedicated to the study, creation, and production of hyaluronic acid fillers, and which has been ISO 13485 certified since 2007.

Perfectha (Fine Lines, Derm, Deep, Subskin, and Complement) is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers of the latest generation designed to improve the appearance of the skin. They are shown to restore volume, reduce moderate and severe wrinkles on the face, correct the lip contour, remodel the face, enlarge the lips, nose and chin, etc.

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Manufacturer’s strengths

Sinclair Pharma has created a new and wide range of products that help to significantly improve the quality of the skin, improve its color, increase elasticity and radiance, and thus give it a healthy and youthful appearance. The specialists are provided with a large selection of products that will help solve certain aesthetic and medical problems. All of them allow you to achieve the most optimal results in the shortest possible time.