Professional Derma

Professional Derma is a Swiss company dedicated to the development of innovative products for improving skin texture, wrinkle reduction, skin firming, and freckle removal.


About the manufacturer

Professional Derma, a renowned Swiss biotechnological company founded in 2006, provides cutting-edge medical devices and unique biorevitalizing injectable solutions for the skin. The company has extensive experience in the production of injectables for aesthetic medicine using amino acids that are known for their rejuvenating effects.
Professional Derma undertakes research to develop solutions aimed at enhancing skin texture, minimizing wrinkles and photoaging, skin tightening, and freckle removal in partnership with aesthetic medicine experts from across the world. The company already distributes its products in more than 20 countries globally thanks to its high rate of success and the rising demand from online customers.

Manufacturer’s brands

The company is well-known for its flagship brand, Jalupro, which comprises a range of biorevitalizing mesotherapy products designed to protect, strengthen, and enhance the skin as well as eliminate wrinkles on the face. The anti-aging products use sodium hyaluronate and amino acids such as glycine, l-proline, l-leucine, and l-lysine to hydrate, plump up, and strengthen the skin from within.
Jalupro lineup includes three different injectable products: Jalupro HMW, Jalupro Amino Acid, and the most recent solution, Jalupro Super Hydro. You can purchase these Jalupro products from Major Medical Solutions at the best price.

Manufacturer’s strengths

The Pro Derma range consists of innovative anti-aging products developed through the company’s advanced clinical research. The products are subjected to rigorous clinical trials and have been proven to be safe and effective.
Professional Derma offers high-quality cosmetics at reasonable prices for a wide range of patients with different skin types. The use of amino acids in its line of injectable products enhances the look and feel of the skin, treating dehydrated skin and reducing signs of natural aging (wrinkles, volume loss, etc.).