LG Life Sciences

LG Life Sciences, a fully-owned LG subsidiary spun off from LG Chem in 2002, produces and distributes high-quality biosimilar and chemical pharmaceuticals.


About the manufacturer

LG Life Sciences (Korea) designs and manufactures genetic and biotechnology solutions. Pharmaceutical products developed by the company include those used in fertility treatments and hormone therapy, as well as hyaluronic acid fillers, viscosupplements for the treatment of degenerative illnesses, chemicals, vaccines, contrast agents, veterinary medications, and more.

LG Life Sciences has been developing and manufacturing hyaluronic acid pharmaceutical products for over 25 years. Its primary brand of hyaluronic acid fillers, Yvoire, is currently marketed in 30 different countries.

Manufacturer’s brands

LG Life Sciences designed a hydrogel for tissue augmentation using cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Yvoire gels utilize the company’s proprietary HICE (High Concentration Equalized) cross-linking technology, which successfully stabilizes high-concentration, high molecular weight HA. Yvoire stimulates the skin’s metabolism to prevent the signs of aging. Additionally, it provides your skin with protection, enhances its moisture-retaining capacity, and increases the ability of your skin cells to regenerate.

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Manufacturer’s strengths

Since 1995, non-animal hyaluronic acid-based products from LG Chem Life Sciences have been sold in a number of medical fields with a track record of efficacy and safety. The whole Yvoire product range received both the CFDA approval in China and the CE mark in Europe in 2014. Across the entire pharmaceutical value chain, LG Life Sciences’ innovation center in Boston strengthens LG Chem’s global biotechnology and R&D capabilities to ensure a high patient and physician satisfaction rate.