Belotero Intense (1x1ml)

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Belotero Intense is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable gel designed to treat deep facial wrinkles and to enhance the volume of the lips.

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  • The Belotero Intense formula is slightly thicker than that of the other products in the line; with a higher degree of density, the product is able to provide incredibly long-lasting natural-looking results;
  • Belotero Intense is very easy to inject using a small needle thanks to its elasticity and the gel’s monophasic nature.

What is in the box?

Belotero Intense comes in a 1 ml syringe pre-filled with hyaluronic acid (25.5 mg/ml) and complete with two single-use 27G sterile needles.


  • elimination of severe nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and oral commissures,
  • adding volume to the contours of the face,
  • lip augmentation.

Side Effects

Patients may experience itching, swelling, bruising and/or tenderness at the injection area.


  • a known hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the components of Belotero injections,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • minors under the age of 21.