Curavisc (1×2 ml)

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Curavisc is a hyaluronic acid treatment designed to reduce pain and improve mobility of the joints affected by osteoarthritis. Curavisc is based on highly purified hyaluronate, which noticeably increases synovial fluid’s viscoelasticity and quality. Curavisc injection is a well-tolerated non-operative OA treatment that also helps patients reduce their use of systemic anti-inflammatory medications.

Curavisc improves lubrication and shock absorption by viscosupplementation with sodium hyaluronate molecules that are tailored in size (>1 million dalton). The product is effective in treating large joints, including the knee, hip, and shoulder.

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Curavisc indications

Curavisc injection is not only used to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis but also to treat, control, prevent, and improve the symptoms of the following diseases and conditions:

  • Osteopsathyrosis (brittle bones);
  • Diseases of the skin;
  • Eye conditions requiring surgery;
  • Moderate wrinkles on the face.

Curavisc injection can also be used as an aid in solving some other problems not listed here.

Why choose Curavisc?

With 3 to 5 injections spaced one week apart, Curavisc enhances joint function and provides a protective effect lasting up to 12 months.

Curavisc relieves pain and improves joint mobility through viscosupplementation and synovial metabolism stimulation.

Curavisc injection is an excellent option for patients with knee osteoarthritis who have not experienced adequate pain relief from other treatments including exercise and over-the-counter pain medications.

The procedure is safe and effective. The risk of complications is very low: less than 1% of patients reported adverse effects after a Curavisc treatment.