Prostrolane Inner-B SE (1 x 1.0 ml)

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Prostrolane Inner-B SE is an innovative injectable gel that belongs to a new generation of dermal fillers. The product is specifically designed for treatment of the periorbital (eye) area without surgery. The patented Sustained Release Technology in Prostrolane Inner-B SE makes this dermal filler effective and safe to use. You can buy Prostrolane Inner-B SE wholesale online at Major Medical Solutions.

The formulation of Prostrolane Inner-B SE injectable gel is based on a combination of biomimetic peptides and hyaluronic acid that aids in the reduction of natural fat cells and the removal of liberated lipids (fats) from the body while also stimulating collagen production. It lifts and lightens the skin under the eyes and reduces malar bags.

Prostrolane Inner-B SE contains concentrated and encapsulated biomimetic peptides with anti-lipogenesis and pro-lipolysis properties that help reduce bags under the eyes. The peptide complex works to increase moisture retention, reduce cellulite appearance, and delay sodium hyaluronate breakdown. The formula of Prostrolane Inner-B SE includes four types of biomimetic peptides that act in different ways:

  • Nonapeptide-32 promotes glycolysis and gluconeogenesis metabolic processes;
  • Pentapeptide-43 inhibits lipogenesis while increasing lipolysis, thus reducing fat accumulation;
  • Tripeptide-41 promotes lipolysis and tissue regeneration;
  • Octapeptide-11 stimulates cell regeneration and improves the tone and appearance of the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) is a biocompatible, non-animal-derived substance. In the skin, sodium hyaluronate delivers peptides and hydrates all dermal layers by holding water.

The box contains transparent gel that comes in a prefilled glass syringe. The product is intended for single use only.


Prostrolane Inner-B SE is indicated for:

  • reduction of under-eye dark circles,
  • elimination of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • reduction of malar bags,
  • improving the tone and elasticity of the skin,
  • treatment of lymphostasis (edema),=
  • preparation for blepharoplasty,
  • treatment of droopy eyelids.

Injection area: periorbital area.

Benefits of the product

Prostrolane Inner-B SE not only helps to reduce malar bags, but also works to make the skin more elastic. There is no need to be concerned that eliminating malar bags may result in skin sagging. The proven peptide technology encourages collagen synthesis, making the skin under the eyes firm and smooth.

The unique formulation of Prostrolane Inner-B SE ensures safe application, high efficacy, and quick visible results after just one treatment. For the best result, it is recommended to take a course of procedures consisting of two to four treatment sessions spaced two weeks apart.

Side effects

The natural process of peptide activity is completely safe. The risk of side effects is extremely low, although minor discomfort during the procedure is possible.

If the patient is prone to allergic reactions, a test should be performed prior to the first injection. The test results must be kept in the patient’s medical file.

Slight hyperemia and edema may occur after the procedure, but they are not dangerous and resolve in 1-3 days. Using decorative cosmetics, as well as taking a hot bath or visiting a sauna or a swimming pool is not recommended until the effects subside.

To reduce the risk of complications and achieve better results, the product should only be applied by board certified healthcare professionals with special training and experience.


Prostrolane Inner-B SE should not be used:

  • in combination with a peeling, laser or ultrasound treatment,
  • in pregnant and breastfeeding women,
  • in minors under the age of 18,
  • in patients with hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to certain components of the product,
  • in patients suffering from diabetes and autoimmune conditions,
  • in patients having a skin disorder, inflammatory processes, or infection at or near the injection site.