Fillmed Art Filler Universal with Lidocaine (2×1.2ml)

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Fillmed Art Filler Universal with Lidocaine is a dermal filler that may be used to reduce moderate to deep wrinkles as well as to address the volume loss that comes with aging.

Smoothing Out Deep Wrinkles with Just One Injection

Fillmed Art Filler Universal Lidocaine is a viscoelastic, crosslinked gel consisting of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin that is gradually absorbed over time. To increase patient comfort during the treatment, the formulation is supplemented with a local anesthetic, lidocaine. Fillmed Art Filler Universal Lidocaine uses Tri-Hyal technology, which combines three different forms of hyaluronic acid, including long- and very long-chained as well as free HA.

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Ingredients, Concentration

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml) + lidocaine 0.3%

Injection Area, Depth of Injection

The HA gel is injected into medium to deep dermis of the face, hands, neck, and décolleté area.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 x 1.2ml prefilled syringes
  • 4 x 27G½” single use needles
  • 4 traceability labels
  • Package insert

Duration of Effects

Fillmed Art Filler Universal Lidocaine delivers instantly noticeable effects lasting for 9 to 12 months. Its longevity in the skin is determined by the individual’s age, skin type, and physical activity, and may be influenced by the injection technique used.

Method of Use

The filler should only be administered by a professional doctor trained in aesthetic medicine. After properly cleaning and sanitizing the treatment area, administer the substance into the medium to deep dermis with a needle or a hyaluron pen. Massage the treated skin to ensure even distribution of the gel.


  • Addressing medium to deep wrinkles and folds;
  • Facial contouring and restoration of the lost volume;
  • Lip augmentation and contour correction;
  • Hand rejuvenation.
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